About Birmingham Digital Futures

Birmingham Digital Futures (BDF) Innovation District bridges the digital skills gap and drives innovation in the West Midlands.

Our mission is to create a world-class digital skills ecosystem, empowering individuals, businesses, and the local community to thrive in the digital economy. With technology advancing rapidly and the demand for digital skills increasing, BDF serves as a catalyst for collaboration between academia, industry, and government. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge resources, we shape the future of work and ensure regional competitiveness.

Developing skills

BDF Innovation District offers comprehensive training programs, equipping individuals with the digital skills needed to excel in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through partnerships with leading businesses and educational institutions, we provide practical, hands-on learning experiences and promote lifelong learning.

We have a number of programmes for schools in the West Midlands, including free digital focussed lessons for Years 5-9. Get in touch to find out how we can support your students.

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Research and innovation

Our innovation-driven environment fosters research initiatives exploring emerging technologies and their impact on various sectors.

By encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations, we generate new knowledge and drive innovation to address real-world challenges.

Fostering collaboration

BDF connects businesses, academic institutions, and government bodies to co-design and co-deliver innovative solutions.

We facilitate partnerships that foster knowledge exchange, encourage entrepreneurship, and accelerate technology adoption across industries.

BDF lead Vickie Pargetter-Garner speaking at a roundtable
University of Birmingham's Exchange building in the city centre

Advancing the ecosystem

We actively contribute to the development of a vibrant digital ecosystem in the West Midlands region.

By aligning with regional innovation assets like Tyseley Energy Park, Birmingham Health Innovation Campus, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre, we leverage existing resources to drive digital skills for the green economy, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

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