Birmingham Digital Futures (BDF) Innovation District Charter

Who are we?

The Birmingham Digital Futures (BDF) Innovation District is a dynamic collaboration uniting government, industry leaders and educational institutions.

We are determined to shape a world-class digital skills ecosystem which empowers individuals, businesses, and local communities alike.

The BDF Charter is a resounding call to action to reduce the digital skills gap that threatens long-term socioeconomic growth, not only in the West Midlands, but nationwide. Through the collaboration of a powerful partnership of organisations, we will support the development and provision of inspirational training for people of all ages.

We invite you to be at the forefront of this partnership and help us realise a future where ground-breaking technology advancements and regional economic growth can merge with inclusive values.

Our vision

Imagine a future where every individual, regardless of their background, age, race, or education has an equal opportunity to thrive in the growing UK digital economy. With technology advancing rapidly and the demand for digital skills increasing across industry, now is the time to collectively step up and remove the barriers preventing us from making this vision a reality.

By engaging with businesses, academics, organisations, start-ups, and incubators, we will drive more impactful change for communities through educational outreach, skills development, policy change, and scaled up engagement opportunities.

BDF aspires to revolutionise the way we approach talent development, fostering a nationwide community where unique perspectives are celebrated, business needs are recognised, and all voices are heard.

How we are doing this

  • We are working collectively with like-minded pioneers at organisations of all sizes, including educational institutions, businesses, start-ups, incubators, and government departments. Together, we are educating and inspiring pupils and teachers about technology, digital skills, and emerging career pathways to develop a long-term talent pool for the region and beyond.
  • We are aligning with regional and national innovation assets to share best practice across key sections and develop a world-class digital skills ecosystem to support the region's growth in becoming a tech and digital hub.
  • We are proactively targeting regional communities and areas identified by the Government as social mobility 'cold spots.'
  • We are forming cross-disciplinary research collaborations to generate new knowledge and drive impact to address real challenges for the region.

What we ask

We cannot achieve this vision alone. We need your commitment, your expertise, and your passion to drive real change. In signing up to the BDF Charter, you will become a named project partner by:

  • Agreeing to one of our partner commitment levels, which range from free supporter status, through to paid opportunities, such as becoming a strategic partner.
  • Supporting our shared leadership and accountability approach through regular attendance face-to-face BDF Partner meetings and engagement with communication and activities throughout the programme.
  • Contributing to a shared voice, signifying your commitment to the programme with your inclusion of company logo on all BDF communication (inclusing website, social media etc) and reciprocation through the exclusive right to use the BDF logo, along with promoting BDF's mission and message via your company's social media and communication channels.
  • Being one team with one focus. Supporting the BDF Charter through commitment to encourage colleagues and staff to join the programme as BDF Champions and Ambassadors, to support in outreach, workshops, and engagement days/events.
  • Sharing knowledge and insights through access to our various networks of people, expertise, knowledge, and space to help drive the research and educationl innovation programmes central to BDF's success.

What next?

Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss how we can support your goals and visions of supporting the BDF Charter and beyond.

Please contact Jack Tasker ot Laura Giddings at