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06 June 2022

Business action to achieve net zero

A dedicated focus on both sustainability and addressing inequality, alongside transparency and honesty, need to be paramount for business leaders.

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21 May 2024

New therapeutic avenues in bone repair

The latest research shows that PEPITEM could be used as a novel and early clinical intervention to reverse the impact of age-related musculoskeletal diseases

15 June 2023

Chronic wound healing using glass

The study shows how silver impregnated into ‘bioactive glass’ delivers more long-lasting antimicrobial wound protection than conventional alternatives

18 May 2023

New concussion study in women’s rugby

Marker Diagnostics, which developed a saliva-based concussion diagnostic based on Birmingham research, is to start a study on concussion in sportswomen.

28 March 2023

Fast chemistry takes on fast food

The University of Birmingham and engineering firm Stopford announce new funding for novel plastics recycling technology

01 June 2022

Research paves the way for stronger alloys

Research shows how microscopic crystals grow in molten metals, and paves the way for improving the tensile strength of alloys used in casting and welding