Short course

Improving Clinical Trial Delivery: Investigator Site Staff

Start date
16th -17th September 2024, 15th - 16th September 2025
Two days
Time commitment
5-6 hours per day (10-12 total)
£250 per person
Improving Clinical Trial Delivery
Awaiting approval

This 2 day programme is designed to build understanding and efficiency in the ongoing site management and delivery of open trials. It is aimed at site delivery staff. The teaching will be delivered through a combination of pre-recorded lectures; independent reading and live online sessions.

For sites to achieve their recruitment target on time, in compliance with the trial protocol and with the collection of complete and accurate data, experienced and trained staff are required. This 2-day programme will focus on the management of trials from the perspective of the Principal Investigator and the site delivery team. It will explore clinical trial challenges such as the factors that can affect successful participant recruitment, data quality and the challenges in the assessment and reporting of safety data. It will focus on the impact of protocol deviations on patient safety and data credibility and will improve comprehension of the rationale for specific trial activities. 

Course faculty:

The Birmingham Centre for Clinical Trials, through its Academy of Clinical Trials Training is well recognised for its teaching in the design, delivery analysis and interpretation of clinical trials. This course is designed and delivered by experts from Birmingham’s 2 academic clinical trials units and is part of a suite of clinical trials training which includes an MSc in Clinical Trials, short CPD courses and online clinical trials training.

Dates of the course:

  • 16th-17th September 2024
  • 15th - 16th September 2025

Course programme:

To be confirmed

How to apply:

You can register for the course using a debit/credit on the university's online shop.

The courses have minimum required attendance levels and the University reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course if the minimum required number of delegates has not been achieved for the course.

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This course is designed to build understanding and efficiency in the ongoing site management and delivery of open trials. It is aimed at site delivery staff (e.g. research nurses, Principal Investigators) who have some previous trial delivery experience, and who would like to build on this skill set. 


An application will be made for this to be accredited. We have a similar short course accredited with 14 CPD points so this would be the expectation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the key considerations in the effective assessment of site feasibility.
  • Determine the factors that may contribute to the success or failure of participant recruitment.
  • Defend the process and documentation of informed consent.
  • Discuss the potential challenges in the assessment and management of trial safety data.
  • Describe the key risks and ongoing considerations for the management of trial data.
  • Analyse the impact of protocol non-compliance on patient safety and data credibility.
  • Describe the considerations for the ongoing management and delivery of open trials.