Short course

Physics – FRCR Part 1 (Clinical Oncology CO1) – CPD Course

Start date
Up to 6 months (unless student has not passed RCR exam which gives a further 6 months)
Time commitment
Flexible (39 hours of pre-recorded video lectures and 5 hours of active live remote sessions)
Clinical Oncology Physics
Entrance and exit MCQ

This course covers radiation interactions in radiotherapy and imaging, types of treatment units, use of radioactive sources, treatment planning principles, quality control, patient irradiation factors, dose monitoring, adaptive planning, and radiation regulations in radiotherapy. 

This course meets the RCR Clinical Oncology (CO1) physics syllabus to prepare a clinical registrar for the RCR oncology physics exam. It will also help prepare a trainee Consultant Radiographer, a technologist and other related staff groups working within or alongside clinical oncology. It may be helpful to researchers and clinical trials staff. 

It could also be used as a refresher course for those requiring CPD as part of HCPC, IRMER 2017 and IRR 2017 regulation requirements. 

  • Gain an understanding of the radiation interactions involved in radiotherapy treatments and radiation imaging
  • Gain a basic understanding of the different radiotherapy treatment units available and how they work
  • Understand how radioactive sources are used in Radiotherapy
  • Understand the principles of radiation treatment planning and the factors that need to be considered when reviewing radiotherapy treatment plans
  • Understand the principles of quality control of radiotherapy equipment and radioactive sources used in therapy
  • Understand the factors involved in accurate irradiation of patients, including dose monitoring & adaptive planning
  • Gain an understanding of radiation protection & legislation relevant to radiotherapy

Learning outcomes

Physics relevant to radiotherapy

Electromagnetic ionising radiation and its interactions in matter

Radiation dosimetry

The physics of teletherapy beams (photons, protons, electrons)

Principles of radiotherapy treatment planning

Principles of beam therapy equipment

Quality assurance in radiotherapy

Radioactive sources in therapy

Principles of radiation protection including relevant legislation

CPD Certificate (if requested)