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Education Research: Finding and Reading Research for Teachers

Start date
16 September 2019
4 Weeks
Course Type

Explore how engaging with research can transform your practice.

Research provides teachers with opportunities to improve their practice and gain new knowledge to better support their students' learning. But where can you find good research and how do you apply its insights? Learn how to make the most of education research with this course.

You will explore how to access, understand and evaluate research from a range of sources. You will also learn powerful search techniques, how to analyse research, and how to assess its usability. Upon completion of this course, you will feel more confident to embark on research of your own and use it in your teaching practice.

Who is the course for

This course is for teachers working in early years, primary, secondary and further education settings. It would also be of interest to other education professionals working outside of school settings.

What is a MOOC?

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course - these are free, open, online courses designed to offer a taste of Higher Education to learners from across the UK and the world. The University of Birmingham is delivering new MOOCs in partnership with FutureLearn, the UK’s first MOOCs provider established by the Open University.

Delivered by world-class academics from the University of Birmingham, the courses enable learners worldwide to sample high-quality academic content via an interactive web-based platform from a leading global University, increasing access to higher education for a whole new cohort of learners.

The courses have been developed by senior academic staff and their content is quality-assured in line with our other programmes. The courses do not offer credits towards admission to the University of Birmingham.

Course knowledge requirements

No previous knowledge necessary.  This MOOC will cover a range of material designed for a diverse audience and has been developed on the assumption that learners have no previous knowledge.  If they wish, learners will have the flexibility to explore the topics in more depth.

Course duration and week by week content

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Week 1. How might engaging with research transform your practice? – Popular sources: Google search and its perils or how to go wrong on Twitter.
  • Week 2. How might you go about locating research to inform your practice? – Major research organisations and the research they do and promote.
  • Week 3. How might you go about selecting the most significant research to engage with? – Open access sources: finding great research that’s free.
  • Week 4. How might you most effectively judge the research you come into contact with and move to implement? – Is it any good and what does it tell me?

How to apply

You can register now at the FutureLearn website.

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