Short course

Health Protection

This short course will enable you todevelop an understanding of the principles of health protection including partnership working to deliver health protection within the context of controlling communicable diseases and non-communicable environmental hazards.

Start date
26 February - 1 March, 4 - 8 March 2024
5 days
Home - £1,130 International - £2,960
Postgraduate Microcredential
20 credits


This short course provides an introduction to basic concepts in health protection. 


On completion, you should be able to:

• Describe the distribution, extent and public health impact of key communicable and non-communicable hazards.
• Describe the basic concepts of communicable and non-communicable disease surveillance, epidemiology, prevention and control.
• Describe the organisational structures involved in health protection in the UK and surveillance systems for communicable diseases.
• Understand the key principles of immunisation and management of immunisation programmes.
• Critically apply the principles and steps involved in the investigation and management of health protection incidents.
• Critically apply the basic concepts of infection control for health protection.
• Critically apply the principles of risk assessment, emergency planning and emergency preparedness, and understand the networks involved in the emergency planning process.
• Understand the role of legislation and Public Health law in the context of health protection in the UK.
• Understand the key threats associated with travel and migrant health and critically apply basic principles in the prevention of travel associated diseases.
• Understand the key concepts of exposure pathways, basic toxicology and disease cluster investigation.
• Demonstrate a critical understanding of the impact of the wider determinants of health on the distribution and course of communicable diseases and non-communicable hazards.


20 credits


Required 1 block week of teaching.


26 February - 1 March, 4 - 8 March 2023


Unseen examination - 50%
Poster presentation - 50%


Co-Module Lead (external): Dr Patrick Saunders
Co-Module Lead (external): Dr Harsh Duggal

Stand Alone Course

  • This module can be taken as a standalone course if required.
  • All applications must be received a minimum of one month before the start date of the module. 
  • The course can be taken as an assessed or non assessed week.
  • This course is available as part of the Masters in Public Health programme at the University of Birmingham and on a stand alone basis for CPD purposes.
  • Degree entry requirement.
  • To apply, or for further information, please contact the Programme Coordinator at