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Operative Techniques 1: Aesthetic Dentistry and Endodontics

Course Type
Postgraduate, Distance learning, Module

This module is designed specifically for online education to develop in-depth understanding of the principles of aesthetics with regard to dentistry and their application to restorative procedures.

Students will receive detailed guidance on contemporary restorative techniques before carrying out simulated and clinical practical exercises involving the assessment and restoration of primary and secondary carious lesions and failing direct restorations.

Students will develop advanced practical skills using the latest direct conservative aesthetic techniques.

Students will also carry out simulated (and clinical where available) practical endodontic exercises using contemporary materials, equipment and techniques

Credits available
20 Masters level credits

Module dates


  • 20% Submission of a series reflective case reports of simulated practical exercises using direct restorative techniques (word limit 250 each) (Online assessment of annotated photographic case presentations and direct assessment of actual restorations on residential course)
  • 40% Submission of (structured, annotated, photographic) a clinical case report of direct aesthetic restorative dental procedures to include reflection relating aesthetic principles to clinical need. (1500 word limit).
  • 40% Online submissions and assessment of structured endodontic clinical and/or simulation exercise case reports and direct assessment of endodontic simulation exercises on residential course

Entry requirements
Dental degree and to be working actively in dental practice.

How to register/apply
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