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Statistics for Health Economics II

Course Type
Postgraduate, Module

Module Overview

This module builds on the module Statistics for Health Economics I, and covers more advanced statistical approaches for health economists in Semester 2. You will develop critical understanding of published research in health care related areas and be able to discuss and interpret quantitative results from such.

Statistical subjects covered will include: regression methods for continuous and categorical dependent variables, regression diagnostics for ordinary least squares and logistic regression models, interaction terms in regression, approaches to statistical model building, Bayesian interpretation of probability and Bayesian updating.

The module is taught at the University of Birmingham in one three-day block. This is delivered during Semester 2. Each day lasts from 9.30am to 5.00pm.


10 credits

Module Attendance Required

One block of 3 teaching days

Module Dates

12 - 14 December 2022


  • Assignment– Two-part assignment equivalent in total to a 3000-word essay.
  • Students must achieve at least 50% as an average across both parts of the assessment to pass the module.

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