Antimicrobial resistance is becoming an increasingly serious threat. If not addressed, by 2050 it could kill millions of people, more than from cancer or road traffic accidents. Our researchers, made up of one of the largest groupings of microbiologists in the world, are doing all they can to tackle this global issue by understanding how antibiotics work and finding new ways to prevent and treat infections.

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Causes of antibiotic resistance

WHO infographic - causes of antibiotic resistance
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How can you help?

  • Only use antibiotics when prescribed by a certified health professional
  • Never demand antibiotics if your health worker says you don’t need them
  • Get vaccinated
  • Always follow your health worker’s advice when using antibiotics
  • Never share or use leftover antibiotics
  • Prevent infections by regularly washing your hands, handling food in a safe/clean manner, avoiding close contact with sick people, practising safer sex and keeping vaccinations up to date

Find out more about the antibiotic crisis and what you can do to prevent it on the World Health Organisation website.

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