Career opportunities

A Biosciences degree from the University of Birmingham is an excellent qualification for securing your future career in a diverse range of industries and employment sectors.

Biosciences - all postgraduate destinations 2013/14

Working 42.9%
Working and studying 14.3%
Studying 17.1%
Other 11.4%
Unemployed 14.3%

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) 2013/14
The DLHE survey is conducted 6 months after graduation.

Examples of employers

  • NHS
  • Teach First
  • Unilever
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Porterhouse Medical
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Severn Trent Water
  • The National Autistic Society

Examples of occupations

  • Animal Health Consultant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Assistant Environmental Consultant
  • Healthcare Scientist Assistant
  • Medical Writer
  • Research Executive
  • Science Coach
  • NHS Scientist Training Programme
  • Biology Technician
  • Hospital Sales Specialist

Examples of further study for our Biosciences graduates

  • EngD Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Forensic Science
  • MSc Toxicology
  • PhD Biosciences
  • PhD Clinical Genetics
  • PhD Immunity and Infection
  • PhD Medicine
  • PhD Molecular Biology
  • PhD Neuropharmacology
  • PhD Plant Physiology and Entomology

A large number of our students enjoy their subject so much that they choose to study for a PhD. This is an important step in many career paths for scientists particularly those who want a career in research. Our graduates are highly sought after by universities around the world, many stay in Birmingham and join one of our prestigious research groups. Did you know that PhDs are fully funded and that graduate students receive a tax free stipend equivalent to a salary?

Our students are an adventurous bunch; nearly 10% go travelling or work on conservation projects for a time after graduation before settling onto their permanent career path.

Helping you find the right career

The School of Biosciences Careers and Employability Coordinator and the University’s Careers and Employability Centre (CEC) are there to help you to improve your employability and to find the right career for you. Even if you are not yet sure what you want to do, an appointment with a Careers Advisor at the CEC will help you to clarify the kind of direction you want to take, and provide a plan for how to get there.

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