Research Masters (MRes) 

The School of Biosciences has been ranked highly by an independent review as a place for graduate training, and has an international reputation as a centre of excellence in the areas of toxicology, conservation biology, genetics and molecular cell biology.

The School offers research Masters degrees in these areas:

Molecular and Cellular Biology MRes

This masters programme is designed to prepare you for a career in research in molecular and cellular biology and its applications.

It comprises a year of intensive training and research experience leading to the award of an MRes degree which will give you a ‘flying [more...]

Molecular Mechanistic Toxicology MRes

One of the most rapidly developing areas of toxicology. 

This programme provides students with a research-orientated training in the application of molecular and cell biology to develop an understanding of chemical toxicity at the cellular and molecular level. You will [more...]


By doing a PhD in Biosciences you will be joining a thriving research culture at the College of Life and Environmental Sciences and become part of our Graduate School.

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