Sieta: MSc Microbiology and Infection

Sieta: MSc Microbiology and Infection

Sieta, an MSc Microbiology and Infection student, describes her experiences of the course and of life in the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham.


My name is Sieta Majok and I'm study Masters of Microbiology and Infection.

What's special about my course is the expertise such as the lecturers as well as the interesting seminars that take place every week.

The course is delivered in many ways. We have lectures, we also have seminars, and we also have group work which is demonstrated through one of our assessments, which is like a group presentation.

The University has a good postgraduate community. My course, for example, has about 30 people so that’s a lot of postgraduate students to interact with, and I've attended some conferences as well.

As part of my course we will be visiting a few places, for example, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

What I like the most about Birmingham as a postgraduate student is the proximity of the facilities as well the postgraduate community – it’s quite big.

I chose Birmingham because it’s a reputable University.  Also my course we have the Institute of Microbiology and Infection, and I also live in Birmingham.

I would suggest anyone applying for my course to do their research and find out what they would like the most and see if this is for them.

I don’t have any plans yet, but I hope to take advantage of the career service to find out what to do next.