Hear from postgraduate students of the School of Biosciences

Find out what it's like to be a postgraduate student in the School of Biosciences

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attwal-simrit-toxicology-235x121Simrit, MSc Toxicology

"There's an excellent postgraduate community at Birmingham.”

lazdins-alessandro-phd-235x121Alessandro, PhD Biosciences

"there was no better place to do my PhD, especially in the field of microbiology because of the breadth of knowledge that there is at the University of Birmingham." 

suliman-youseuf-microbiology-235x121Youseuf, MSc Microbiology & Infection

"you get to walk around the people who are world leading researchers within that field, and you really get that sense of these are your colleagues”

majok-sieta-microbiology-235x121Sieta, MSc Microbiology & Infection

"What I like the most about Birmingham as a postgraduate student is the proximity of the facilities as well the postgraduate community."

cox-jonathan-phd-235x121Jonathan, PhD Biosciences

"My favourite thing about my PhD is the sense of satisfaction you get at receiving the email that says, ‘Your paper has been accepted.’ ”

 Dongni Li, MSc Molecular

"It is difficult not to be influenced by such a great learning atmosphere and this is certainly one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad."

phd-biosciences-lucy-235x121Lucy, Phd Biosciences

"It’s hard work but we also have really good opportunities to develop our skills in many other areas"

morgan-chris-phd-235x121Chris, PhD Biosciences

"when I was doing my Masters project, I collaborated with a research group here at Birmingham. I really liked the research they did. I thought, ‘What better place to come and join than their lab?’ ”