Andrew-Jordan Miller

miller-ajBSc Biological sciences

“The course is also accredited, which reassured me that there was a high standard of teaching, and it’s a nice addition to my CV.”

Why I chose Birmingham

I visited the University of Birmingham just once, during my applicant visit day and that was all I needed. The tutors/lecturers I spoke to had a genuine enthusiasm for their research. The students were equally as enthusiastic about their courses, one student ambassador actually convincing me to change from Biochemistry to straight Biological Sciences. The campus was lovely and in a suburban setting which gave it quite a homely feel. The modules looked interesting and all the degree course was accredited, which is a nice addition to any CV. My deciding factor for studying here was a little less logical. I thought it would be awesome to tell my friends and family that in my first year in University, I lived in a mystical land called 'The Vale'!

Why my course stood out to me

The course has the option to specialise depending on the modules you take. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do, or what part of Biology I was specifically interested in, so the option to define the course later on, when I had a firmer grasp on what I wanted out of it, was a big thing for me. The course is also accredited, which reassured me that there was a high standard of teaching, and it’s a nice addition to my CV. Since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do later in life or how the course would treat me, it was great to know that I could apply for a masters after the course had started, so I could get an idea of whether I wanted to do an additional year. This degree of flexibility on the course was a great deciding factor.

My personal highlight

Love Shack (Student event). GoMex. The acapella society jamming out on the front steps of the main library. Any Dr Pritchard lecture (Plant science included). Take your pick! Of all the things I’ve learned, sights I’ve seen and people I’ve met in the short time being here, it’s all been absolutely brilliant and there is not one that stands out more than the rest

Living in Birmingham

Living at Birmingham is great. Boredom is near impossible when you’re living here, there is always something to see, somewhere to go, something to do. And even when you back at accommodation, there’s always something going on.  I find the campus is far enough away from the city that you’re not inundated with noise and people 24/7, but close enough that getting to Snobs isn’t an effort.

Clubs, societies and events

I haven’t joined a club of society due to variety and time. I’ve had a look at a lot of societies and decided I can’t join all the ones I want to and still study, so I’m attempting to narrow down my choices! Plus, with all the non-society based events that the guild put on, I haven’t needed to join one. I’ve been to a couple events, earned myself a smashing T-shirt – which shall be treasured always – and had a whale of a time, even without the societies!

My aspirations for the future

Currently my aims are to go into teaching, preferably college level biology. I enjoy the how broad the topic is and haven’t yet found one particular focus that interests me to a greater degree than the others. But who knows? The modules I’m doing know are brilliant, challenging and enjoyable. I may yet come across one that hooks me and drives me into postgraduate research! 

My top tips for prospective Birmingham students

That depends on your perspective. If you have the University of Birmingham as an option and are just trying to make a choice out of 3 or 4 that look good, then start focussing on other factors. The University of Birmingham distinguishes itself in its academic aspects. Start looking at where you want to spend 3 years of your life. Here you have the best of both: A tranquil campus with lots of green; 6,000 trees, beautiful architecture and a nice, homely suburban feel… then an exciting, bustling city complete with good food, lovely sights and a great nightlife – all just a 5 minute train or 10 minute bus ride away! Awesome!

On the other hand, if you’ve already discovered this and are wanting tips to living at the University, buy a doorstop. This is important. You want to make friends? Then first on your shopping list: Doorstop!