Andrea Galbiati

Junior Consultant at UniCredit Direct in Milan, Italy.

MSc International Marketing, 2014 

I started working for a consultancy company as a Marketing Manager in September 2014, while I was waiting on the results of my MSc.

This involved supervising and directing the workflow of marketing, advertising and organising public relation activities. Part of my role was to facilitate interdepartmental communication and manage external communication, building a coherent corporate brand throughout multichannel strategies. I also ran the social marketing strategies, taking care of web contents, media relation, direct marketing and CRM activities.

In June 2015 I joined UniCredit, a leading European commercial bank with an international network which operates in 17 European countries. My role is as a Junior Consultant in the Multichannel department looking at how to overcome and communicate tomorrow’s bank challenges. I also take care of the internal communication system launching, together with my team, a new internal social network.

Are you still a regular visitor to the University?

Absolutely, I am a regular visitor. Even though I am living outside UK I have been  back to Birmingham twice since I left and a visit to my University cannot be missed in my schedule. Last time I saw Old Joe was at the beginning of December 2015. 

What did you learn during your time at University that you’ve found really valuable since leaving?

The main thing is the sense of belonging that Birmingham gave me. It was also an incredible boost to my career chances.At the same time I learnt how to work in a cross-cultural environment, scheduling tasks, deadlines, and activities.

If I had to choose one word to describe my UoB experience, it would be ‘Inspiring’, not only through its teaching but also through the opportunity it provides.

Andrea GalbiatiWe Are Birmingham Alumni

Andrea Galbiati

“Overall, my time at university was great. I learnt that hard work does get rewarded”