Darshan Chapla

Consultant, Kagool Ltd

MBA international Business 2019

I work for a UK based technology consulting company, Kagool Ltd which specializes in data engineering and management.  My current role is multi-functional as a data engineer and consultant. My job requires me to be adept with both technology and the business side of things which is what I exactly wanted after completing MBA program.  

Coming from an engineering background and having worked as a technology professional, I was eager to learn the business side of the technology sector. Additionally, accelerating career growth, expanding my network and personal development were a few of the reasons of pursuing MBA.

I chose the the University of Birmingham (UoB) as it is one of the top educational institutions in the UK. I had done some research on the quality of academic and research work done at UoB and found that it is one of the best in the UK. UoB is a member of renowned Russell Group of universities delivering quality education since early 1900s. 

What was the highlight of your MBA experience?

When I started my dissertation, I was looking for some real time business case studies to support my case, and was also investigating a few global management programs conducted by companies across the globe.   My application with one of the Japanese retailing companies was successful and after multiple interviews, I was selected as one of the 40 students across the globe to attend a fully sponsored real time business case study in Tokyo.  This case study also helped support my dissertation at a later stage. 

Also, the University’s Careers in Business Team organised trips to the UK headquarters of Google and IBM which helped me learn and build contacts in these globally renowned companies. 

How did studying for an MBA Challenge you?

Coming from the technology sector, business was a completely new domain.  I had to invest time and energy to learn new concepts and match pace with other students who were from a business background. 

What was your MBA Cohort like?

A very diverse cohort with professionals coming from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

What are your fondest memories of your time at Birmingham?

Every moment I spend in Birmingham is precious (Yes! I still live in Birmingham).  Starting from the first day when I landed in this city till today, there are countless experiences which went down in my memory book.   Life at the University, events in the City Centre, Birmingham Symphony Hall events, visiting the annual Christmas German market, Christmas celebrations and many others are some of my fondest memories.  

How have you grown as a person since coming to Birmingham University?

Personally, and professionally, I can say that I have gained a lot of experience since I came to Birmingham, which moulded me into the individual I am today.  Working with students and professionals from various backgrounds and diverse cultures has instilled a sense of truly global mindset which helps me a lot in my personal and professional life. 

Tell us about your career journey from Birmingham student to where you are today?

MBA is all about networking.  Every MBA aspirant must have heard this.  But I am a living example of what this actually means.  I landed my current job from the MBA classroom. One of my batchmates, who is also an experienced technology professional, recommended me to apply for Kagool and after a few rounds of interviews, I got a job in my desired field and job role. 

How would you describe the Birmingham MBA Experience in 3 words?

Second to none!

Darshan ChaplaWe Are (Third Width)

Darshan Chapla

“I would advise all students to speak with the wide alumni base of University of Birmingham MBA program. You will learn a lot from their experiences at the university (starting from when they came to UoB till now), their career journeys and how they made it to the position that they hold now. MBA is all about networking!”