Dennis Schulz

He is now on a global assignment in North Carolina as part of the GSK Future Leaders programme.

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting, 2016  

I received a job offer for the GSK Future Leaders programme in Sales and Marketing in April 2016. Since then I have worked on marketing strategies and campaigns for a biological product and two vaccines.

I also prepared the launch for a new product that will be of significant importance to GSK in upcoming years. Currently I am on a global assignment in Raleigh, North Carolina (US), where I am working on a global long term strategic plan for an orphan drug (a new drug developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition).

My MSc helped me to learn a lot about myself and how what do I affects others, especially those who have a different cultural background. This also showed me how important it is to be self-reflective in order to improve and develop. Another more specific learning I am benefiting from is how to approach business problems. My programme really improved my analytical thinking, which I think has been far more beneficial than general business and marketing knowledge. 

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Dennis Schulz

“Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to visit Birmingham since graduation but I do hope to return soon. I am in regular contact with my closest friends from the course, even though they are living on the other side of the globe.”