Fang Jing

HR Assistant at Elite Model Management China, Shanghai City.

MSc Human Resources Management

After graduation, I returned to my country to find a job.  I am currently working in HR in a model management company, Elite Model Management China. All my daily work includes staff issues, payroll collections, new position recruitment, staff training and other else similar with what I studied, but working life is rather complex that I almost have no time or energy to think about the life itself.

Are you still a regular visitor to the University?

I dream of visiting the University and the city and I’m eager to have a vacation and go back, but haven’t been able to yet.  As a new graduate I find that there is a lot of pressure and a high workload, but I hope I’ll be able to take that vacation very soon!

Are you in regular touch with the friends you made at Birmingham?

Yes, we have a chat group and I’m in contact with them every day! Whenever we face something interesting, embarrassing or difficult in our current lives, we discuss it with each other. 

What did you learn during your time at University that you’ve found really valuable since leaving?

The skill of living alone! Especially learning to cook for myself and enduring tough times without help from parents or close friends. Now, I live and work in a city far from my hometown and I often think about the experiences I had at University, meeting new people and living with mates in  Birmingham. From a work perspective, my most valuable lessons were learning how to manage my time and implement projects independently.

Fang Jing We Are Birmingham Alumni

Fang Jing

“The friends I made at Birmingham are a big support.”