Joe Cane

Service Delivery Manager at Fujitsu Services 

BSc Business Management (Year in Industry) 

After spending a few weeks in Spain, I soon started the graduate scheme with Fujitsu working as a Service Delivery Manager. My first placement has been on the HMRC account supporting the delivery of desktop infrastructure to over 70,000 users nationwide.

Why did you originally choose Birmingham? Did it meet your expectations, and if so, how?

I chose Birmingham because of its excellent academic reputation, the flexibility and choice of modules on the Business course, the opportunity to complete a Year in Industry and of course the beautiful campus. I had a fantastic time in my four years at the university and the course allowed me to pursue and expand my interests in business.

Have you been back to Birmingham since graduation? Are you a regular visitor?

Living in the Midlands has allowed me to come back to Birmingham regularly since graduation for some social events at the Guild and to represent my employer at several careers events. I’ve also attended some of the Business School events which I found so interesting whilst I was studying such as the EU In/Out debate and a few of the Distinguished Leaders lectures.

What did you learn during your time at university that you’ve found valuable since leaving?

The course provided me with some practical analytical and finance skills which have helped enormously when a significant part of the job is spent in Excel trying to get to grips with managing part of a large IT estate and delivering monthly business reviews for such a large service with a high turnover.  However, the most valuable lesson I took from university was to continually challenge why and the meaning behind things. This has given me the confidence in the workplace to challenge processes, make improvements and network with people.

How did your time at university help your career prospects?

The Year in Industry provided me with invaluable corporate employment experience and has given me confidence to operate and network in such a large organisation. The experience helped me in my final year, providing me with a different outlook and was the inspiration for my dissertation topic in addition to providing valuable credentials to my CV which helped me gain graduate employment.

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Joe Cane

“A number of us have made an effort to keep in touch and regularly meet up despite now living all over the country. Travel with work also provides an excuse for a few after-work drinks with friends in different cities, but recently a few of us met up in Birmingham and indulged in one last FAB!”