Leah Rushworth

Surveyor at Vail Williams but has recently started a Masters degree in Real Estate. 

BSc Economics, 2018

One of the reasons I choose to study at the University of Birmingham was because it is a campus based university. Living on campus is extremely convenient, having everything in one place, it makes finding your feet easier and is a great way to experience student life. The university is also close to the buzzy city with a 10 minute train journey from the university’s own station into the centre. 

I was drawn to the economics course, in part, because of the many optional modules offered which were varied so you could tailor your study to suit your interests. I enjoyed some modules that I initially didn’t think would involve economics, and it opened my eyes to how versatile studying economics can be, such as the behavioural and environmental economic modules. 

From my experience I would print off the slides for a lecture and then make my own notes around the pages so when I came back to revise I had my notes, which helped me understand and remember the content. Similarly, with any extra reading I did I made notes and then added them to the back of the specific lecture. 

There are dozens of extracurricular opportunities available and I would encourage students to take advantage of all the taster sessions during freshers week which allow you to get a feel for the clubs, make friends and join the one you like the most. Whilst I was at university I was part of the lifesaving club, it was challenging and great fun, participating in a sport or society is really important to give a break from studies and you can add it to your CV where it can demonstrate skills such as teamwork which are useful for future employers. 

After I graduated, I was employed as a surveyor at Vail Williams but I have recently started a full time Masters degree in Real Estate at the University of Westminster.

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Leah Rushworth

“I would recommended doing work experience during the summer when students get a break as that experience can be invaluable when applying for jobs.”