Nasrin Babanli

Works in management at PASHA Bank OJSC in Azerbaijan.

MSc Money, Banking and Finance 

After a memorable graduation I returned back to Azerbaijan. I had already started applying for jobs before I returned home, so had several interviews to go back to. I worked in the State Oil Fund of the Azerbaijan Republic as an intern and then after completing my internship received an offer from PASHA Bank to work as a Market Risk Manager.

As my job is directly related to what I have studied at the University of Birmingham and is a good start for my career, I love it!  My plan is to work towards my  CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams in the future and then pursue a PhD in Finance. 

Are you still a regular visitor to the University?

As a citizen of a non-EU country, I am not able to get back to Great Britain at the moment, but would definitely like to visit next year. Studying at the University of Birmingham was one of the best things happened to me and I miss those days I spent there , but receiving newsletters and updates means I still feel engaged with University life even from thousands of miles away.

Are you in regular touch with the friends you made at Birmingham?

I have a nice group of friends that I gained here and I talk to them very frequently and we are hoping to organise a reunion back at the University. My friends are from different parts of the world, but we all feel like members of one family. 

Nasrin Babanli

 We Are Birmingham Alumni

Nasrin Babanli

“I put in lots of effort to study and worked really very hard while I was at Birmingham. After leaving the University, I realise that all those sleepless nights at the Main Library and all that effort was definitely worth it to get the knowledge and life experience that I gained.”