Departments in Birmingham Business School

Birmingham Business School consists of a number of departments, each designed to deliver authoritative research and specialist teaching.

The Department of...


Accounting at Birmingham Business School has a history of academic excellence in both research and teaching that places it at the forefront of knowledge creation and dissemination, and has strong links accounting professional bodies and commercial, governmental and third sector organisations.


The Department of Economics at Birmingham has a long and distinguished history of research. Its faculty focuses on experimental, financial, international, environmental, as well as other branches of economics. Most of the courses offered are research-led, and all of them offer a high level of employability and opportunities.


The Department of Finance emerged from the previously combined accounting and finance department, which contributed to sustaining the high reputation for scholarship in commerce related disciplines since the University’s foundation in 1900.


The Department of Marketing is internationally recognised and consists of academics providing leading research insights across the full spectrum of marketing matters. Each member of the department strives to generate first class, meaningful research that contributes to the diversity and inter-disciplinarity of marketing theory and practice. 


The Department of Management is one of the largest in the Business School and it is certainly the most diverse in terms of the range of teaching and research undertaken by its faculty. We are organised into four subject groups:

  • Organization, Work and Employment
  • Procurement and Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation
  • Business and Labour Economics

Each contributes teaching and learning outcomes and research insights to enhance understanding of key domains within the broader sphere of management.

Strategy and International Business

Research and teaching in the Department of Strategy and International Business reflects the multidisciplinary background of its membership, and encompasses a wide range of issues and themes in management and business studies.