The Economics and Management of Flood Risk

Horton Grange
Monday 27 April 2015 (09:00-17:30)

Matthew Cole -

On Monday 27 April the Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (EEEM) Research Clusterwill be holding a one day workshop on the theme of 'The Economics and Management of Flood Risk'.

For catering pruposes, please contact Professor Matthew Cole if you would like to attend.

Programme for the day

Welcome: Professor Matthew Cole (University of Birmingham)

09:30-10:10: Nick Haigh (DEFRA)“Flood Economics and Policy – the Story so Far”

10:10-10:0: Jessica Lamond(University of West of England)“Resilient Reinstatement and Adaptation – the Potential for “No-regret” Approaches”

10:50-11:20: Morning Coffee

11:20-12:00: Martin Heger (London School of Economics)“Like a Phoenix from the Tsunami Debris: Investigating the Disaster’s Causal Effects on Sumatra’s Economic Development”

12:00-12:40: Allan Beltran (University of Birmingham)“Assessing the Economic Benefits of Structural Flood Protection: A Repeat Sales Approach from the English Housing Market”

12:40-13:40: Lunch

13:40-14:20: Steve Brammer (University of Birmingham) “After the Floods: Promoting Recovery and Resilience in Flood Affected Communities”

14:20-15:00: Wouter Botzen (Free University of Amsterdam)“Advantageous Selection and Moral Hazard in Flood Insurance Markets”

15:00-15:30: Afternoon Tea

16:00-16:40: Emma Harding (Environment Agency)“Estimating the economic costs of 2013/14 Winter floods in England”

16:40-17:20: Panel Discussion with Gwilym Price (University of Sheffield), Harry Walton (Environment Agency) and David Maddison (University of Birmingham)

17:20: End of workshop

Dinner in evening in Lucas House