Financial Resilience Research Cluster launch event

Centre for Professional Development, Forum Lecture Theatre, Medical School
Wednesday 25 March (09:30) - Thursday 26 March 2015 (17:00)

Date: Wednesday 25 (including a dinner) and Thursday 26 March 2015 (09.30 - 17.00 appromimately)

The Financial Resilience Research Cluster brings together research interests in all aspects of finance in a multidisciplinary and market oriented way to facilitate the generation of new ideas through to policy formation and implementation.

This event will mark the official launch of the cluster. New members of academic staff in each of the research areas within our cluster have been asked to invite one eminent Professor in their field to give a short 20 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. 

Financial Resilience Research Cluster launch event


Wednesday 25 March 

09.30: Refreshments and registration

10.00: Welcome and introduction, Professor Jane Binner, University of Birmingham

10.15: Professor Silvano Cincotti, University of Genoa: ‘Agent-based macroeconomics’

10.45: Neophytos Lambertides, Cyprus University of Technology: ‘Related Stock Market Anomalies: Growth, Distress and Skewness’ 

11.15: Refreshments

11.30: Dr Stefan T.M. Straetmans, Maastricht University: ‘Financial crises and the state of the real economy: an Extreme Value approach’

12.00: Dr Jonathan Tepper, Nottingham Trent University, Professor Logan Kelly, University of Wisconsin and Professor Jane Binner, University of Birmingham: 'Does Money Matter? Assessing money's role in forecasting inflation in Switzerland'

12.30: Lunch

13.45: Travis Nesmith, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System:‘Endogenous Risks in Central Clearing’

14.15: Professor Logan Kelly, University of Wisconsin, ‘Beyond the risk neutrality Frontier: A KKV model based Approach to risky money in the UK and USA’

14.45: John V Duca, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, ‘How Capital Regulation and Other Factors Drive the Role of Shadow Banking in Funding Short-Term Business Credit’

15.15: Refreshments

15.30: Andrew Lee Smith, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City ‘Working Capital, Price Stability and the ECB’s Two-Pillar Approach’

16.00: Timothy Congdon CBE, University of Buckingham, ‘What were the causes of the Great Recession?: The importance of the 'which aggregate?' debate’

16.30:  Refreshments

16.45: Jiang Tao, Nankai University, ‘Monetary Aggregates’

17.15: Professor Panicos Demetriades, University of Leicester, paper title TBC

18.00 - 18.45: Drinks reception

19.00: Dinner at the White Swan, Harborne 

Thursday 26 March

09.30: Refreshments

09.45: Professor Marcelle Chauvet, University of California Riverside, ‘Nonlinearities and Forecasting in Real Time’

10.15: Costas Milas, University of Liverpool, ‘The importance of financial indicators for macro-modelling with an application to the UK’

10.45: Refreshments

11.00: Dr Andrea Roventini, University of Pisa, ‘Keynes beyond Schumpeter: the short- and long-run damages of fiscal austerity’

11.30: Sajid Chaudhry, Swansea University, ‘Scotland as an Optimal Currency Area’

12.00: James L. Swofford, University of South Alabama, ‘The US Money Supply Revisited’

12.30: Lunch, and welcome from Professor Saul Becker, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham

13.45: Professor John W. Keating, University of Kansas, ‘A model of monetary policy shocks for financial crises and normal conditions’

14.15: Professor Dr Makram El-Shagi, Henan University, China, ‘What can we learn from country level liquidity in the EMU?’

14.45: Meziane Lasfer, City University London (Cass Business School), ‘Issues in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)’

15.15: Peter J Engelen, Utrecht University of Economics, ‘A Meta-Analytical Review of the determinants and consequences of IPO Underpricing’

15.45: Refreshments and roundtable discussion – future networking

16.30: Close