Workshop: Women in Academia

University House - Room G07
Wednesday 25 May 2016 (12:00-14:00)

Pam Warrington:

This event is part of the Department of Marketing Research Seminar Series.


Professor Meme Drumwright, Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, Moody College of Communications, University of Texas, Austin.

Professor HW Perry, The University of Texas School of Law and the Department of Government

Lunch will be provided so please email to confirm attendance.


Gendered biases in academia have been documented at almost every step of the career path—in the hiring process, in the promotion process, in scholarly citations, in credit received for co-authored work, and in student evaluations of teaching, to name a few.  Often gendered biases are due to implicit biases rather than conscious discrimination, many of which also affect other underrepresented groups such as faculty of color.  The good news is that people inside and outside of academia are talking about these biases and conducting empirical research on them.  Becoming aware of these biases, which are often subtle, is the first step toward counteracting them. This workshop will review some of the research related to gendered biases in academic and provide practical tips that women in academia and their allies can take in mitigating these biases at the personal and institutional level.