Alternative Accounts Europe (AAE) Conference 2022

Online event.
Friday 7 January 2022 (09:00-18:00)

AAE Conference 2022 Organising Committee:

The Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Interest Group (IPSIG) and the Department of Accounting at Birmingham Business School are pleased to announce the 4th Alternative Accounts Europe Conference on 7 January 2022.

The fourth Alternative Accounts Europe Conference was hosted by University of Birmingham on Friday, 7 January 2022.

The Alternative Accounts Europe Conference brings together scholars interested in interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on accounting in an inclusive and supportive forum. We invite accounting faculty and doctoral students to present work that challenges dominant representations of accounting and to offer alternative accounts of accounting practice research in its diverse and multiple histories, contexts and constituents.

Alternative Accounts Europe (AAE) Conference Programme 2022




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Welcome and opening


Tom Cuckston, Head of the Department of Accounting



Annika Beelitz & Elisavet Mantzari, Conference Co-chairs



Parallel Session 1A


Smyth, Lanka & Mantzari

Understanding the roots of emancipatory accounting as a basis for future research

Colin Dey

Rebecca Warren

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Dey, Thomson & Gibbon

An exploration of the practice of alternative accounts as a post-truth technology in contemporary epistemic conflicts

Stewart Smyth


Parallel Session 1B


Rohani & Frandsen

The power of Accounting in environmental-strategic truth battles: a post-Foucauldian approach

Guodong Cheng


Alex Lin


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Cheng, De Loo & Manochin

‘Greening’ the city: the ‘true’ colours of SDGs implementation

Solmaz Rohani


Parallel Session 1C


Tan & Xiao

The invisible hand: government domination and the politics of local government auditing in China

Sameh Amer


Nurul Hidayah


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Amer, Samsonova-Taddei & Georgiou

Audit work as knowledge work: how individual auditors develop new knowledge?


Zhiyuan (Simon) Tan


Parallel Session 1D


Nolan & Hogan

Financial literacy and accounting: a critical perspective

Pauline Gleadle

Sara Closs-Davies


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Shah & Gleadle

Financialization and later life financial (in)security: the Twice Migrant Gujarati households of west London

John Nolan



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Parallel Session 2A


Russell, Thomson, Ferguson, Holstead & Davies

Mapping climate change education: identifying patterns, challenges and possibilities for transformative accounting and finance education

Chris Kelsall


David Dowson


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Kelsall, Nagirikandalage, Bridge, Marsh & Hossain

Teaching and learning: the challenges of introducing sustainability in a management accounting module

Shona Russell



Parallel Session 2B


Laguecir & Hudson

Too poor to get social housing: MAS and organized stigma of tenants in a social housing organization

Anne Steinhoff


Stewart Smyth

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Steinhoff, Warren & Carter

The challenges of coeliac disease at work: understanding the role of performance measures in inclusive work environments

Aziza Laguecir


Parallel Session 2C



Gender and the global accountants in the UAE

Qi Li


Ann-Christine Frandsen


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Female accountants in China: changing attitudes towards work and family


Vivian Agbemabiese


Parallel Session 2D


Rogerson, Crane, Grosvold, Soundararajan & Cho

The accounting profession and modern slavery: abdicating responsibility?


Geoffrey Heath


Bob Scapens


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Collaboration between public administration and accounting scholars in studying performance management: some reflections on inter-disciplinarity

Jonida Carungu



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Parallel Session 3A


Costa, Kratzer, Pesci & Burgia

Accounting and circular economy as tools for Alpine collective ownership modernization

Madlen Sobkowiak


Elisavet Mantzari

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Sobkowiak, Bebbington, Blasiak, Folke & Österblom

Corporate sustainability initiatives: synthesising an evaluation framework


Ericka Costa



Parallel Session 3B



“The only way is ethics” – identity construction of the ‘ethical organisation’

Ann-Christine Frandsen

Ian Thomson

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An alternative, hermeneutic perspective on biodiversity reporting: German airports and educating society

Thomas Cuckston


Parallel Session 3C


Kosugi, Kasakabe, Miley & Read

Brew saké and prosper: convergent evolution and brewery accounting during the Tokugawa shogunate

Thu Nguyen


Keith Hoskin

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Intellectual capital studies from social construction perspective – the key to what’s in mind behind what’s in sight

Frances Miley



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Parallel Session 4A


Sopt, Ghio & Cho


Applications for dialogic accounting: exploring Gen Z’s views

Amee Kim


Nick Rowbottom

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Kim & Frandsen

Would an increase in female representation at board level indeed better represent firms?

Alessandro Ghio



Parallel Session 4B


Carungu, Di Pietra & Molinari

Advancing management accounting practice: focus on the challenges in reporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Michael Rogerson




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Accounting practices and power asymmetries in the international aid chain: the case of a southern NGO


Bob Scapens



Parallel Session 4C


Killian, O’Regan, Lynch & O’Regan

“Not tax people”: tax expert perspectives on media coverage of tax issues

Ewelina Zarzycka


Annika Beelitz

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Cho, Dobija, Krasodomska, She & Zarzycka

Stakeholders voicing of organizational unethical conduct: examining twitter communication


Sheila Killian



Parallel Session 4D


Murphy & Leaver

Exposure draft of a proposed financial reporting standard on sustainable cost accounting


Giulia Napolitano


Chee Yoong


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A neo-institutional bounded rationality perspective on accountinG


Richard Murphy


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Panel Discussion



Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Charles H. Cho

Andrea M. Romi

Stewart Smyth


“Opening Accounting: A Manifesto”




Ian Thomson


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Closing session




Annika Beelitz & Elisavet Mantzari, Conference Co-chairs


Digital Booklet

You can view the digital conference booklet, which contains delegate instructions, abstracts of papers and the contact information of speakers and co-authors: view digital booklet

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The organising committee:

The conference was hosted online in conjunction with British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Interest Group (IPSIG) and the University of Birmingham’s Department of Accounting, based at Birmingham Business School. If you are interested in becoming a BAFA member, further information can be found on the BAFA website.