A Business School with International Reach

Birmingham Business School has an extensive worldwide reach, with many international students studying at the University of Birmingham campus and Alumni in countries all across the world.

Our mission at Birmingham Business School is to be a research-led, multi-disciplinary, international business school developing a new generation of global business leaders and entrepreneurs; find out more.

Find out what students, including further international students, have to say about Birmingham by visiting our student profiles.

Internationally focused since 1902

The Business School has a global approach to business and internationalism was vitally important to us from the start, with international students from countries such as Peru, Russia, India, Japan and Poland choosing to study here from the very beginning.

We still believe that the global nature of business makes it essential that our students and academics understand business from different international perspectives. Our programmes currently include students from over 60 countries and in addition, our MBA is not only taught here in Birmingham but also in Singapore, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

We are part of a number of research and teaching partnerships with countries such as Singapore, Russia and the United Arab Emirates and are proud of our extensive links with universities and other strategic partners throughout the world.

We employ over 130 lecturing and research staff, many of whom are internationally recognised authorities in their fields.