Dynamic Economic Impact Model (DEIM) – Skills and Business Support

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) commissioned a new, bespoke economic modelling framework which was delivered in summer 2016.  

The Dynamic Economic Impact Model (DEIM) is a best-in-class regional model which provides a robust mechanism to measure the economic impact of investments in a spatial context. City-REDI were a partner in the consortia along with KPMG (lead), and David Simmonds Consultancy ltd, and we led on the development of the skills and business support elements of the model.


The DEIM model represents a significant departure from previous modelling techniques which could only consider projects in isolation. Instead, it has the ability to consider investments of different types both individually and jointly, and to forecast synergies or conflicts in their consequences.

On a project-by-project basis, DEIM can help to:

  • Understand the impact of individual investments in terms of their economic impact (as measured by GVA) in order robustly and transparently prioritise investment across the three WM LEP areas
  • Appraise and prioritise different types of interventions (e.g. housing versus transport) on a level playing field

At the programme level, DEIM can help to:

  • Assess investment programmes against secondary criteria that ensure local balance
  • Provide robust analysis of national impacts by taking account of growth any growth that might have been displaced from elsewhere in the country
  • Create an integrated spatial investment strategy and assess that against the WM vision
  • Consider the level and spatial distribution of land-use needed to achieve the WM vision
  • Test and optimism investment programmes

City-REDI focused on:

  • Skills programmes, including NVQ and apprenticeship schemes
  • Business support (e.g. access to finance, trade facilitation) 
DEIM diagram

The team

Funder/client: WMCA
Timescale: 2015/2016


Rebecca RileyProject lead: Rebecca Riley
Tel: 0121 414 4366
Email: r.riley.1@bham.ac.uk