The Future Business District

The Colmore Business District (Colmore BID) established the Future Business District Study to inform long-term recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and offer policy directions on best practice for central business districts across the UK.

It commissioned a team from City-REDI, University of Birmingham and the West Midlands Combined Authority to deliver a research programme, supported by an independent Advisory Panel and a range of partners. The project focused on prospects for Birmingham’s city centre business district in the medium- and longer-term, addressing two questions:

  1. What is the likely long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on city centre business districts?
  2. How can we ensure they remain successful as places to attract businesses and people and contribute to vibrant city centres?

An initial research phase involved an evidence and data review; workshops on ‘megatrends’; and a call for evidence. A subsequent engagement phase involved in-depth interviews with 21 businesses and stakeholders; Advisory Panel meetings to help develop future scenarios; facilitated discussions on future infrastructure, place and urban experience; supplementary individual meetings; and engagement with a broader community panel on working patterns and broader use of cities and city centres.


Anne GreenProject contact: Anne Green


The Future Business District
October 2021
Anne Green, Rebecca Riley, Alex Smith, Ben Brittain, Hannes Read

The Future Business District - Summary
October 2021 Anne Green, Rebecca Riley, Alex Smith, Ben Brittain, Hannes Read


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Matt Patterson