Dr Andrew Pressey

Dr Andrew Pressey

Department of Marketing
Reader in Marketing

Contact details

Room 150, University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Andrew is a Reader in Marketing at the University of Birmingham, and Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing at Birmingham Business School (BBS). He has previously been Head of the Department of Marketing at BBS between 2012 and 2015, a member of the Senior Management Team of BBS, and acted as Research Director for the department.

He previously held positions at the University of East Anglia and Lancaster University Management School. He has published (or has forthcoming) in excess of forty journal articles. He has won a number of awards for his research (including Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence, and from the British Academy of Marketing), and acted as guest editor for the Journal of Marketing ManagementJournal of Business and Industrial MarketingIndustrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

Andrew is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management, and a member of the editorial board of Industrial Marketing Management and editorial advisory board for the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. He has over eighteen years of teaching and research experience in UK universities and overseas at all academic levels (including UG, PG, executive education, and MBA), and also has extensive programme leadership experience. He places strong emphasis on collegiality, professionalism, and collaborative research and teaching.


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice, University of East Anglia, 2005
  • PhD in Marketing, University of Bedfordshire, 2000
  • BA (Hons) in Marketing, University of Bedfordshire, 1996


  • MSc Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing
  • MSc Business-to-Business Relationships

Postgraduate supervision

Fredah Mwiti (University of Lancaster, PhD programme).


Andrew’s research interests fall into three (non-mutually exclusive) areas: (i.) business-to-business marketing, (ii.) the interface between marketing and competition law/antitrust, and (iii.) the psychology of the individual in virtual worlds.

Business-to-business marketing

Andrew’s interest in business-to-business marketing includes recent articles on the antitrust/competition law implications of B2B electronic marketplaces, strategic purchasing, the sales and marketing interface/disconnect and research examining how business networks learn and retain knowledge. Articles have been published in these areas in Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Andrew’s current interests relate to deviant corporate behaviour (such as illegal price-fixing and industrial espionage) in business-to-business markets.

The interface between antitrust and marketing

The interface between competition law and marketing has been an area of interest to Andrew since 2003 and his involvement with the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy (University of East Anglia). His research has examined the regulatory issues surrounding SME banking in the UK (International Journal of Bank Marketing) and UK/EU competition authority investigations of marketing (Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management). Andrew is currently interest in the role of marketing in merger decisions, and on the theme of international cartels, including marketing as a criminogenic function. These papers have been developed chiefly in collaboration with colleagues in the Centre for Competition Policy where Andrew was previously a visiting researcher (www.ccp.uea.ac.uk).

Virtual worlds and the psychology of the individual

The third area of research interest comprises consumer behaviour in virtual worlds. Andrew’s research has examined market maven behaviour across real-life, Web and virtual world channels, how consumer needs differ between virtual world and real-world contexts, and pathological and addictive behaviour in virtual worlds. Papers have been produced for Psychology and Marketing, Internet Research and Journal of Computer Information Systems.

Funding plans:

“Working with knowledgeable customers” – Nottingham SPARK funding (with Linda Peter, Nottingham, and Alan Gilchrist, Lancaster), £5000, 2013-2014.

Other activities

Andrew is Deputy Chair of the Business-to-Business track and Co-Chair of the B2B Special Interest Group for the British Academy of Marketing. Andrew has previously acted as guest editor for Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Customer Behaviour, and Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. In addition Andrew has been awarded funding from the British Academy and Business Education Support Team, and has received research awards from Emerald Management Reviews (2007), British Academy of Marketing (Dublin, 2005 and Southampton, 2012), and Forum on Service (Capri, 2009). Andrew is currently on the editorial board of Industrial Marketing Management. An was named Reviewer of the year (2014), Journal of Historical Research in Marketing.


Recent publications


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Conference contribution

Barnes, SJ & Pressey, A 2014, Cyber-Mavens and Online Flow Experiences: Evidence from Virtual Worlds. in American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference. pp. 285-296.


Leek, S, Houghton, D & Pressey, A 2016, 'Notes on a Scandal: Understanding Industrial Network Misconduct,', Paper presented at IMP Asia, Cape Town, South Africa, 4/12/16 - 7/12/16.

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