Professor Scott McCabe

Professor Scott McCabe

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Professor of Marketing

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University of Birmingham
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Scott McCabe is Chair in Marketing at Birmingham Business School. He received his PhD from the University of Derby in 2001, which focused on how visitors to the Peak District National Park constructed their motivations and behaviours through accounts of their experiences. 

He has become an internationally renowned scholar in tourism studies through his subsequent research career. His main interests are in the effects of supported holiday opportunities for bottom of the pyramid consumers. His research conducted with a range of UK charities on the needs for and wellbeing outcomes of a simple break away from home for severely disadvantaged families was submitted as an impact case for the REF 2014. He is also interested in emotions in consumer experiences, responsible and ethical tourism, the role of marketing in promoting greater sustainability in the travel and tourism industry and in socio-linguistics as a methodology.    

He is currently the co-editor in Chief of the Annals of Tourism Research and serves on the editorial board of Tourism Management.



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PhD 2001   

MA Leisure and Tourism Studies, 1993 University of North London 

HND Leisure Studies, 1991 University of Salford

Doctoral research

PhD title
Worlds of Reason: the praxis of accounting for ‘day visitor’ behaviour in the Peak National Park. A qualitative investigation. 

Other activities

VP for the International Sociological Association, Research Committee 50 on International Tourism (ends July 2023) 

Co-Chair of the Academy of Marketing SIG on Tourism Marketing (From March 2023 +) 

Elected fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism (2019+)


Recent publications


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