Industry Collaboration

We collaborate with industrial partners ranging from world-leading multi-national companies such as Unilever, Rolls Royce, Johnson Matthey, Imerys and Procter & Gamble.

Ongoing engagement with the CDT from our industry partners is crucial to the success of the programme.  Year-on-year we see a growth of industry collaboration – with internships and sponsorship of projects – that allows the work of the CDT to remain at the forefront of tackling real-life issues and allows our research engineers a unique opportunity to provide much needed solutions.  In the past twelve months we’ve received additional industry collaboration from the following companies: DSTL, British Aerospace, IFPRI, Lonza, Mondelez, GSK and Calgavin.

What our industrial partners say about our programme

"The …[CDT] is vital in delivering the doctoral skill level individuals require to maintain the competitive strength of both Mondelez and the UK globally."
- Mondelez

"JM is especially supportive of the initiative …to strengthen the process measurement and control aspects, inherently involving a drive to a more data-driven approach to formulation."
- Johnson Matthey

"The unique combination of industrial and academic experience that the CDT provides…align well with the needs and future direction of the Fiberlean."
- Fiberlean

"The nature of the EngD programme is that the research is always current and relevant."
- Dupont Teijin Films

"We are excited by the cross-industry focus of the CDT."
- Astra Zeneca

Benefits to Industry Partners:

  • Receive a recent graduate working on industrially relevant problems with the support of one of the UK’s leading School of Chemical Engineering;
  • Significant financial benefits, with students receiving an EPSRC stipend rather than salary whilst working on potentially patentable research;
  • Whilst there is no obligation to employ the Research Engineers at the end of the four years, the programme often acts as a four-year ‘interview’, with over 75% of research engineers securing relevant employment upon graduation.

Benefits to Research Engineers:

  • Competitive stipend;
  • Industry top-up bursary;
  • Engagement with a wider research community;
  • Interdisciplinary training and research projects;
  • Integral engagement with leading industrial partners in both training and research.