Student Projects

The CDT in Formulation Engineering has been successful in securing funding since 2001.  Each grant has 5 cohorts of 10 students/projects.

Cohort 1 (2019-24 Grant)

Ting Zhang - P&G
Additive Molecule Migration through Different Media

Miruna Chipara - DSTL
Creating novel materials for suspended culture

Selina Soultana - Fiberlean
Rheology of high solids Microfibrillated cellulose and mineral suspensions at high shear rates

Laure Kyriazis - P&G
Designing sensorial behaviour of Fabrics

Siddant Naudiyal - Rolls Royce
Thermo-Mechanical Modelling for Structural Ceramics

Maria Burque - Lonza
Process analytical technology (PAT) informing the manufacture and formulation of monoclonal antibody based products.

Juan Carlos Alvarez Fernandez - P&G
Optimal Design of Sustainable Capsules for Targeted Delivery of Active

Daniel Weston - Johnson Matthey
Wet Milling

Andrei Nicusan - IFPRI
How well do models of particle motion represent industrial reality?

Daniel Rhymer – Mondelez
Modelling the milling of cocoa liquor

Cohort 2 (2019-2024 Grant)

Roberto Hart-Villamil - Unilever
Prediction of flow and mixing of rheologically complex fluids

Kate Stokes - BA
Development of Functional Portable Platform Technologies through Advanced Nanomaterials and Microdevices

Georgina Wadsley - Unilever
Prediction of complex industrial flows in the transitional regime

Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez - Fiberlean
Sustainable Manufacturing Process of Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose

Zoe Hil-Ton Chu - Astra Zeneca
Investigation of the bonding mechanisms in agglomerates and compacts to enable next-generation formulated product design

Joanna Maria Galantowicz - Lubrizol
Optimization of Electrode Dispersions for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries

Yu Liu - P&G
Development of next generation hair conditioning technology

Adedoyin Yahyi - BMS
Influence of API particle size and shape on flow and process  induced attrition in a continuous direct compression work stream

Siddhant Bhutkar - BASF
Microplastic-free based encapsulation

Daniel Madden - P&G
Sustainable paper packaging

Cohort 3 (2019-2024 Grant)

Darius Khoshdel - Unilever
Blending of complex fluids for the manufacture of formulated products using multiple impellers

Cinzia Amieni - ClexBio
Advanced Hydrogel Bioinks for Micro 3D Bioprinting

Emma Simpson - L'Oreal
Targeting staphylococcal colonization and virulence

Jack L’Anson - Johnson Matthey
Improving porous formulation performance through data-driven analysis

Zoe Whalley - BMS
Application of PAT and Chemical Imaging to Improve Product Understanding in 3D Printed Formulations

Ben Jenkins - Granutools
Toward the Next Generation of Powder and Particle Characterisation Tools

Pablo Del Pozo Lorenzale - P&G
Next Generation Perfume Technologies for Consumer Goods

Daniele Remoli - Innospec
Evaluate and design anti-viral actives


A list of our previous grant projects can be found on our research projects page.