BSURE 2024 Application Guide

This guide explains how to apply for the BSURE 2024 programme. Below, you can find details on how to complete the application form and the list of necessary supporting documents. 

We strongly encourage applications from talented undergraduate students, particularly those from underrepresented groups (as outlined on the eligibility criteria page) . Our focus is on supporting talented students who might encounter challenges pursuing postgraduate research programmes in AI due to factors beyond their academic capabilities.

The application for 2024 is now closed.

Before you apply:

  1. Please read the eligibility criteria page and check that you meet the criteria.
  2. As part of the application process, you are required to nominate one referee when you complete the application form. Please ensure that your chosen referee submits the reference by the deadline of 18 March 2024, 12:00 UK time. We suggest that you contact your referee as early as possible. Your application will not be considered complete until we have received your reference.
  3. You will also need to upload a personal statement (of not more than 400 words). More details on this can be found below.  We recommend that you draft this offline and ensure that it meets the 400-word limit before uploading it.

How to apply

To apply, you will need to fill in the online application form by the deadline of 11 March 2024, 12:00 UK time. To avoid any last-minute rush or complications, we recommend that you aim to submit your application at least 3 days prior to the deadline.

We recommend that you use a computer to complete the application form and not a smart device (i.e., phone or tablet), as you will need to upload several documents in support of your application.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents are submitted before the deadline and comply with the University's guidelines. Applications that are incomplete, ineligible, or submitted after the deadline will not be considered for assessment.

Completing the application form

Below, we detail the main sections of the application form and outline how to fill them. We will also provide details of the supporting documents that you will have to upload.

Section 1: About you

The first section of the form requires you to enter your personal details, your contact information and residence details. Please be mindful of the following points:

  1. Personal details:  Enter details as they appear on your passport or other official document, such as a driving licence.
  2. Contact information: Please provide your personal email address as the primary address. Note that all communications will be sent to you at this email address. Please make sure to regularly check this email address. If currently enrolled in a university, you can provide the university email address in a separate field.
  3. Residence in the UK: Please provide your current residential address in the UK. International students, currently in the UK under Tier-4 student visa, who wish to apply for the programme must in addition provide their address in the home country.

Section 2: Your education

In this section, you must provide:

  • Details about your current educational status. You will need to provide details of the university you are currently enrolled in (or have graduated) for the UG programme, the details of the UG programme,  the year of study if you have not already graduated.
  • Students who have already graduated must provide details of the received grade.

Section 3: Background

In this section, you will be asked a series of questions about your background to check the  eligibility criteria you meet.

Section 4: Documents to upload

In this section, you will be asked to upload a set of mandatory documents and supplementary (non-mandatory) supporting documents.

Mandatory documents


Please upload a maximum 2 page length-CV in PDF format that provides a summary of your recent achievements. Make sure to include details of your qualifications and any other experience relevant to your application. 

Upload the file with the following naming convention: surname_firstname_CV.


You will need to upload a copy of your university transcript(s) containing the grades/marks you have received so far for your undergraduate degree. We will also accept screenshots from self-service portals.

To be accepted, the transcripts that you provide (including downloads/self-service screenshots) must clearly display:

  • Your name
  • Your institution, and
  • A breakdown of grades

Please use the following naming convention: surname_firstname_transcript_1,… surname_firstname_transcript_5.

Following formats of transcripts are acceptable for assessment purposes:

  • A scanned version of an official transcript containing a signature/stamp to certify it. The document(s) provided must be readable.
  • An official e-transcript obtained via a secure third-party electronic system.  
  • An electronic copy of an interim or provisional transcript provided by your institution.
  • Screenshot images from self-service portals, if you are unable to obtain a transcript document.

We do not accept:

  • word documents (.doc and .docx)
  • transcripts you have typed or translated yourself

Personal statement

You must upload a personal statement, not exceeding 400 words, that addresses the following two questions:

  1. Why are you interested in BSURE (Birmingham Summer Undergraduate Research Experience)?

    To answer this, think about what you find exciting about the programme and the research areas of the School of Computer Science, what motivates you to study your subject now, and what you hope to gain out of this programme. You can also highlight the research areas you are keen to explore. Please refer to the our school page for more information.

  2. Why do you believe you are the right fit for the programme?

    To answer this, think about the eligibility criteria you meet and your reasons for applying to this programme. We encourage you to mention any extenuating circumstances or personal circumstances that you would like to bring to the attention of the assessors.

Supporting documents

You will have the chance to upload any documents which you believe can support your eligibility (according to Eligibility criteria defined) for applying to BSURE 2024. Although we encourage applicants to upload supporting documents, this is not mandatory.

Section 5: Referee details

In this section, you will be asked details of your academic referee including name and contact details.  A referee should be someone you are familiar with, who knows you and your work well. When you submit your application, your referee will be sent an email from us asking to send their reference. Please note that the reference letter must be received on or before 18 March 2024, 12:00 UK time. 

Selection process

After we receive your application form and the reference letter, we will review the documents according to the following selection criteria:

  1. Academic Potential
  2. Extent of benefits from the programme
  3. Contextual information about your personal, socio-economic background

The shortlisted candidates will be informed via the registered email address and will be invited for a Zoom-based interview. The interviews are expected to start from the 1 April 2024.  The interviews are informal conversations aimed to further explore the details you have provided in the application form and the personal statement. Precise date and time of the interview will be informed to you via separate email.


All students will have the option to be housed in University of Birmingham accommodation, ensuring the availability of a safe and accessible environment for every student on the programme. There will also be the option for students to commute or make alternative accommodation arrangements, such that there are no barriers for students with responsibilities or circumstances that mean they cannot be away from home for sustained periods. The programme  will cover the cost of accommodation in Birmingham worth up to £2,000 for the eight-week duration.