Learning, teaching and facilities

Dental Hospital and School of DentistryAs a student studying at the University of Birmingham's School of Dentistry, your teaching and learning will be delivered in world-class settings. The £50 million Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry opened in 2016 and is the first integrated, stand-alone hospital and school to be built in the UK for almost 40 years.

Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry provides modern teaching, learning and research facilities for more than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students and trainees.

Learning and teaching

Teaching on your course will be delivered according to the module speciality and will adopt a variety of styles which can include lectures, seminars, small group tutorials, clinical practice or lab work where relevant. Students studying at the School of Dentistry are taught by a mixture of leading academics, clinicians, lecturers and professors, many of who have published important works about their area of expertise.

Your performance will be assessed in a series of ways, including examinations and coursework, and at the beginning of each module you’ll be given information on how and when you’ll be assessed for that particular area of study. You’ll receive feedback on each assessment within four weeks, so that you can learn from and build on what you have done. You’ll be given feedback on any exams that you take; if you should fail an exam we will ensure that particularly detailed feedback is made available to enable you to learn for the future.

Dental hygiene therapy and dental student working on a patient, filling, Two dental students looking at an x-ray, two mouth models, dental students looking at a screen, two dental hygiene therapy students working on a patient and one dental student workin


You will benefit from a vast array of facilities such as:

  • A fully computerised phantom head laboratory
  • Dedicated training clinics
  • Bespoke laboratories
  • Lecture theatres
  • Dedicated study spaces
  • Computer cluster

You will also have access to online facilities to support your learning. These include Wiki podcasts and Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE); an excellent tool for supporting our academic courses, allowing you to share thoughts on assignments with other students via the discussion group facilities, giving access to learning materials 24 hours a day and allowing you to submit your work electronically. 

Take a tour of Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentisty with Elen and Reece to see the facilities on offer to you.