The Centre for Digital Cultures is committed to studying the effects of digitisation across the 20th and 21st centuries.

We develop and practice interdisciplinary research and teaching to investigate how artefacts, practices, and communities are created, engaged, or impacted by digital technologies of all kinds. The Centre for Digital Cultures hosts a range of events including: visiting speakers, writing workshops, reading groups, film screenings, research retreats, focus groups, and symposia.

The Centre aims to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to foster dialogue and collaboration that cuts across traditional boundaries of the arts and sciences.

We are enthusiastic about supporting PGR and ECR colleagues through skills-based and career development training, and we have directly supported postgraduate student-led initiatives, such as the Play/Pause videogame studies network. Many of our events and projects also include undergraduate students with the aim of enhancing their degree programmes and inspiring the next generation of digital cultures researchers.

We work with other research centres to maintain a growing cross-institutional and international network of researchers studying digital cultures.