Postgraduate research

CDC staff currently supervise MA, MRes, and PhD projects on a wide range of topics related to digital technologies, and we would be happy to hear from any prospective research students who think they may want to work in this area.

What’s it like studying at the University of Birmingham?

"I have found the Centre for Digital Cultures to be extremely supportive of my endeavours and research while undertaking a PhD at Birmingham. I have benefitted greatly from the opportunity to both request and hear from guest lecturers as a part of their Arts and Digital Culture speaker series. I have also found the Centre to offer a supportive peer-workshopping environment, receiving feedback from fellow PGRs and lecturers, while also engaging in providing feedback on draft material. The Centre has also provided opportunities and support for developing reading groups and projects adjacent to their objectives and interests, helping myself and fellow PGRs to launch the Contemporary Theoretical Network (Ctrl Network). This project, and the people I have had the fortune to meet while undertaking it, has often impacted the direction of my own research, offering me interesting new leads into theorists and authors who I had not previously encountered." Niall Gallen, PhD Student

“My experience at the Centre for Digital Cultures pushed my research to the very edge of its limits and helped me to develop it into a more coherent nuanced project. Not only did it enhance my work, I also met multiple PGR students through its network that have later become good friends and academic co-authors.
Digital culture is a huge aspect of contemporary life and therefore any contemporary humanities research with regards to the current moment must take the Digital into consideration. A specific focus on technology is integral to the department to keep PGR students in the loop with advances in it that may inform and transform their work. The centre for Digital studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research group that brings together students from multiple areas of research within the university which opened my eyes to the philosophical and real-word implications that my research on literature has at its very core.” Jayde Martin, PhD Student