Yuhan Luo

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Cognitive processes of listen-to-summarize task: A mixed-methods study
SupervisorsProfessor Dagmar Divjak  and Dr Petar Milin
PhD English Language and Applied Linguistics


  • MA 2020-2021 University College London (UCL)
  • BA 2016-2020 Northeast Normal University, China


I have a strong interest in using diverse methods to investigate L2 learners doing different language tasks from cognitive perspectives such as their cognitive processes, working memory, and attention. In addition, I am interested in studying individual differences among L2 learners, such as their language learning strategies, affective aspects, and motivation. When I attended MA Applied Linguistics programme in UCL, I joined in the IATEFL Re-SIG Supported Event: MA ELT Quick Fire Presentation Event 2021 with my MA dissertation, which investigates self-regulated learning strategies in Chinese students’ academic writing. My report has been posted on the IATEFL ReSIG ELT research newsletter Issue 37, 2022.


My research is going to use diverse methods including eye-tracking, keystroke logging and stimulated recall to investigate L2 learners’ cognitive processes while doing listening-to-write integrated langauge tasks. My goal of this research is to enhance Chinese EFL learners’ cognitive abilities and motivation during language learning.