Professor Julie Allan - Inaugural Professiorial Lecture

School of Education Building R19, Vaughan Jeffries Lecture Theatre
Lectures Talks and Workshops, Social Sciences
Wednesday 28th May 2014 (16:30-17:30)
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Troubling Difference: Education for an inclusive society


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Julie Allan is Professor of Equity Inclusion and Deputy Head of the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests include disability studies and inclusive education and children’s rights and she has published widely in these areas. She has been Adviser to Scottish Parliament, the Dutch and Queensland Governments and the Welsh Assembly and has worked extensively with the Council of Europe. Professor Allan is an editor of the Routledge World Yearbook of Education and the Routledge Theory in Education series and her most recent book, Psychopathology at school: Theorizing mental disorders in education (with Valerie Harwood) is also published by Routledge.

Her inaugural lecture will discuss why the education of an increasingly diverse school population is experienced globally as a significant challenge. Teachers, policymakers and politicians have all reported struggling to avoid excluding particular groups of children. While the range of diversity is itself diverse, including, for example disability, ethnicity and social background, children’s behavioural problems appear to present the greatest difficulty and are a source of considerable concern.

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