Book launch of Gender and Education in England 1770 to the present day: a social and cultural history by Jane Martin

Tuesday 8 March 2022 (17:30-19:00)
Gender and Education in England 1770 to the present day

A talk and question+answer event with Jane Martin, to launch her new book Gender and Education in England 1770 to the present day: a social and cultural history. 

Jane will be in conversation with Tanya Fitzgerald (University of Western Australia), Lottie Hoare (University of Middlesex) and Ian McGimpsey (University of Birmingham). Individually and collectively, they will discuss the book’s contribution to the field, theoretical and methodological aspects and the use of sociological perspectives. In so doing, they will revisit what the gender approach can offer not only to historical research but to help shape the future also. Together, we can all break the bias on International Women’s Day (IWD) and beyond.

The event will be chaired by Joyce Goodman (University of Winchester). 

Description of the book

Employing biography and local history, this book combines a synthesis of sociological and historical literature, with new research to provide a comprehensive narrative showing the entanglement of educational experience and the influence of different modes of discrimination and prejudice. Using the lens of gender, Jane Martin reassesses the gendered nature of the modern history of education and provides an overview of intertwined aspects of education, society, politics and power. The structure of the book, which cuts across history in three themed sections, covers politics and policies, learners and learning, and teachers and teaching. Its organisation is user friendly, providing accessible information with regard to chronologies of legislation and key events to reflect constancy and change, whilst ‘mapping’ the larger political, economic, social and cultural contexts.


Jane Martin is Professor of Social History of Education and Director of the DOMUS Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Histories of Education and Childhood at the University of Birmingham, UK. She is Executive Editor of Educational Review.

An International Women’s Day Event #Break the Bias