The Caroline Benn Digital Archive

Jane Martin is the holder of a British Academy/ Leverhulme award, Caroline DeCamp Benn: a comprehensive life, 1926-2000 which explores Caroline’s work-life history through interviews and documentary analysis with the intention to produce an electronic digital archive to enable future research and teaching.

The Caroline Benn Digital Archive will provide direct sources for professionals and amateurs interested in this particular period of egalitarian policy making in the UK.

The Biographer’s Tale: Remembering the Life and Work of Caroline Benn

Building Comprehensive Education: Caroline Benn and Holland Park School 

This lecture draws attention to the significance of Caroline’s role as school governor at Holland Park Comprehensive School in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the 1970s and 80s to counter the demonization of comprehensive education and the ideal of the common school.

Building Comprehensive Education: Caroline Benn and Holland Park School 

The Scourge of School Exclusion – Chris Searle

The weakening of influence and resources of local education authorities, the rise of academies and the intensifying of racism and racist attacks following the EU referendum has led to a rise of exclusions from schools of some of Britain’s most vulnerable communities.  

Chris Searle considers the situation regarding exclusions in his home city of Sheffield and its relevance to other British cities.

The Barnard Barker Interview

Jane Martin interviews Barnard Barker

Download a transcription of the Barnard Barker interview (PDF)