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Global Engineering Brigades' summer term

Global Engineering Brigades society logo

The Global Engineering Brigades have continued their plans to design a water system in a rural community in Honduras. Preparations for the next brigade will get fully underway after summer - read more to get involved!

Navigating the virtual year with UBVR

Virtual Reality Society logo

What a brilliant first year for the Virtual Reality Society, including the creation of a virtual Old Joe and other VR workshops! The outgoing UBVR President Ramsha reflects on the year and looks toward the future.

Persevering for growth in a challenging academic year


Despite a challenging year, the Black, Ethnic and Minority Scientists Society have persevered to give their members a sense of community, with several virtual events this semester. Co-President Foday tells us more.

Back to training!

EPS Netball logo

Back to training and a promotion in the campus league! EPS Mixed Netball have worked hard to make the most of the year. Their Captain Liz tells us how this society brought their members together and excelled this year.

A digital year for CAD Society

cad society logo

A year of learning for beginners and experts alike, this year has seen CAD sessions for all abilities! Sophie Davis, the new CAD Society President, tells us more about the society year and exciting plans for the future.

Brum 5B - some electrifying developments

brum eco

Brum Eco Racing will be continuing work on Brum 5 which is soon to become Brum 5B, but it's not just a name-change the car will see... Liam and the team share their 'electrifying' plans for next year!

Opening up means more picking up!

Plastic-Free UoB Society logo

Plastic-Free UoB are thrilled to run their litter picks again and have now partnered with Hindu Climate Action to join their National Litter Pick. Interested in contributing to their amazing work - why not get in touch?

SATNAV returns to print!


With nearly 50 articles published this year, the pandemic hasn't stopped SATNAV! With their first careers event and online-exclusive magazine, Mia Wroe tells us about the society's amazing accomplishments over the year.

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