Advanced Skills in Geoscience

This module consists of a field component (usually based in Tenerife) and a campus-based component and will further develop your field and independent communication skills.

The field class provides the opportunity for you to apply your earth science skills (field observation, recording, data-collection and interpretation) in an individual and team context. It will include problem-solving activities, leading to an independent exercise that aims to demonstrate your understanding of potential geological hazards and your aibility to communicate those findings effectively.

The campus-based element is designed to develop your ability to communicate scientific ideas effectively to a specific target audience, with the choice of different modes of assessment. This aspect is supported by seminars covering different approaches to scientific enquiry, often drawing on recent earth science advances as examples.

By the end of this module you will be able to

  • Critically interpret and clearly communicate geological field observations to provide insights into underlying processes.
  • Synthesise different sources or types of information (field observations, research results or literature-based) to provide clear communication of geological information.
  • Effectively communicate scientific information ideas and results to target audiences and in a relevant format.
  • Reflect on the effectiveness of other speakers in order to improve your own communication skills.


  • Tenerife field course exercises
  • Communications skills article
  • Seminar portfolio