Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater


Yr4_InorganicChem_JTThis module consists of two separate sub-modules:

  • Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater
  • Borehole Design, Construction and Maintenance

Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater: In this part of the module you will develop a quantitative understanding of aqueous inorganic chemistry. You will also interpret groundwater chemistry data sets in the context of water-rock interactions to solve problems of regional flow, pollution and well design.

Borehole Design, Construction and Maintenance:  This sub-module will allow you to develop the skills required to design the drilling and completion of water supply, monitoring and investigation boreholes in the context of  groundwater and engineering projects. You will also develop your skills in the interpretation of borehole geophysical logs.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Use well water sample chemical datasets to develop conceptual models on groundwater chemistry and flow, and then test them out quantitatively using both scoping calculations and more rigorous computer package calculations.
  • Design the construction and maintenance of boreholes in a range of geological and hydrogeological settings.


  • Exam
  • Coursework