Project Planning for Independent Projects

This module will see you undertake the study and analysis of available literature and data relating to your proposed independent project work. You will also develop your familiarity with appropriate laboratory- and field-based methods of retrieving and recording data. This will include workshops and lectures on appropriate subject areas and choice of subjects, the project plan document, identifying research questions and hypotheses to be investigated, advanced literature searching, scientific methods, an ethical assessment, and a hazard and risk assessment for research projects. The module will also include workshops on data manipulation and analysis.

You will receive up to two hours of supervision from project advisors before the submission of the project plan individually or in groups working on the same topic. A summary report will be prepared introducing the project, detailing the proposed methodology, discussing potential problems and outlining a planned programme of study, accompanied by completed hazard and risk assessment and ethical assessment forms for the successful completion of the module. You will need to successfully complete this module in order to commence your independent research project in Year 3.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Collate data from a variety of published sources and summarise material on a theme related to the proposed independent project work.
  • Successfully complete ethics, and hazard and risk assessment processes in order to commence independent project work.
  • Develop a realistic programme of research for the proposed project and produce a clearly constructed planning outline to appropriate standards


  • Project plan (2,500 words)