Rock Mechanics Geophysics and Hydrogeology

This module covers the key aspects of structural and applied geology to allow you to employ important geological theory and understand how this theory links to advanced and applied settings.

Topics include:

  • Structural geology concepts of stress and strain, rooted in engineering principles and relevant to geological processes, including kinematics
  • Geophysics and geophysical applications that link subsurface structures to applied settings and the relevant techniques that are employed.
  • The essential principles of groundwater flow and chemistry, completing the quantitative aspects of applied geoscience.

By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Build on elementary structural geology to link fundamental theory to applied and practical settings.
  • Analyse and interpret a range of key geophysical data sets and applications.
  • Understand the principles governing groundwater flow and chemical composition and their applications in assessing groundwater resources.


  • Coursework assignment on kinematics 
  • Exam