Digital data capture and analysis


A range of new digital technologies have become available for gathering and analysing data. Falling cost and increasing sophistication mean that these techniques are being used by people working in a much wider range of sectors than ever before; this increases the employability of those who are familiar with their use. The module will expose students to a number of these new approaches to data capture and analysis. Technologies being explored via hands-on sessions will include drones, 3D modelling of environments, creating and editing video, use of sensor data, web scraping, virtual reality and 360-degree photography.

The module is designed for students from a range of subject backgrounds who are looking for an introduction using to these different technologies. There is an emphasis on collaboration across disciplines as well as exploring how these approaches can be employed within individual subject specialisms. 

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand a range of approaches to digital data capture and how these can be employed in research projects;
  • Apply new skills to the production of a small research project;
  • Critically evaluate the value of digital technologies for research projects in different disciplinary areas.