Enterprise Consultancy Challenge


Students will learn about how key concepts of business, consultancy planning and enterprise can apply to the areas of geography, planning, environmental and earth sciences. They will also learn about the diversity of GEES-related enterprises both in terms of their purposes (e.g. social or environmental) and setting up (e.g. consultancy business, start-up, social enterprise, etc.).

With the support of various learning methods, case studies and practitioners’ input, students will be encouraged to think creatively and create their own idea of a business/ consultancy case and use the knowledge gained to develop a relevant and convincing proposal. 

Students, in groups, will select a business/consultancy idea from a bank of ideas provided at the beginning of the module, drawing on other Y2 and Y3 modules or students will be given the opportunity to choose and develop their own project with the support of the module lead and/or Careers Network. 

Students will be trained in understanding the process and pitfalls of developing, planning and pitching a new business and/or consultancy proposal. 

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Acquire the relevant understanding and skills about the development of a business/consultancy project.
  • Creatively formulate a relevant business/consultancy proposal and provide evidence to support the market research, marketing strategy and financial rational for it.
  • Demonstrate an ability to pitch adequately an idea convincingly to a panel of experts by displaying adequate communication and influencing skills.
  • Demonstrate independent learning and self-assessment utilising relevant resources and information and also seeking expert advice and guidance when necessary.


  • Presentation to academic staff and externa; partner (25%) 
  • 1000 proposal plan (25%) 
  • 2000 Written report (50%)