Field Research Skills for Human Geography and Planning


The module provides a framework for planning and designing field research in geography with a hands-on transferrable field assessment skills in international destination(s) for the generation of primary data for addressing specific research questions in geography. The module will introduce students to planning and designing field research involving geographical assessment and characterization skills followed by a week-long field research work in an international destination. The skills will cover quality control and assurance for the generation of robust and reproducible data in response to key research questions envisaged in the pre-field work research design. Analysis and interpretation of data will facilitate the development of necessary field research skills.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand experimental designs for the assessment and quantification of geographical and environmental phenomenon and processes under natural and anthropogenic scenarios.
  • Work effectively in a group in order to carry out a small piece of research as part of the overseas field course
  • Develop skills in primary field data generation, data analysis, presentation and interpretation